Sometimes I Rant: YA Fiction

I’m sick of Young Adult fiction. I love YA writers — you’re my peeps — but with one exception, I’ll read no more of your books.

Reason 1: I’m a grown ass man. I like breasts and nipples. I like villains who threaten to kill you and then kill you (Word to the Governor from Walking Dead and every villain on Game of Thrones). I don’t like villains who threaten death and stay their hand till Book III. I don’t like women who don’t know why they’re drawn to the brooding, vampiresque heartthrob. Now granted, heroines in YA fiction aren’t women, but I imagine grown women when I read. Because I’m a grown ass man.

Reason 2: YA fiction has become too sociological. I feel like I’m reading case studies about power, government, and the importance of feminine role models dressed up as stories. The plots and characters feel flattened beneath the agendas (however noble) they serve which may explain why one YA novel feels much like the next. Same spunky heroine with caustic wit. Same megalithic system crushing the human spirit — or the variant, the human spirit surviving among the ruins of a megalithic system.

It’s not that Big Brother isn’t an important topic. Clearly governments that go too far are relevant in the 21st century. But I’m tired of reading and talking about it. I feel like Ben Affleck’s character in Runner, Runner when he told Timberlake’s character

Ya see. Your generation’s problem is everyone sat around with their fucking participation medals, and nobody did shit.

Reason 3 (a wise woman said there must always be there): I’m a grown ass man.


One thought on “Sometimes I Rant: YA Fiction

  1. M says:

    Totally with you about reason #1. The attenuation of the YA story climax can be kind of mind-numbing, particularly when nothing all that heavy happens. That said, I submit that your beef with YA is really about mainstream, dystopian YA. Basically, the Hunger Games (which is amazing, right?) and all those that are trying to ride its coattails (looking at you, Veronica Roth). Or am I underestimating the dystopian elements in YA generally? True confession: I don’t read all that much of it.


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