Poetry Contest!! Writers and Viewers Needed

Writing every day is for us what strength training is for athletes.  It’s hard for them just like it’s hard for us, but daily writing is how we get our sexy writer’s muscles.

Recently a friend challenged me to spend 24 days writing 24 alphabet poems. The rule for these alphabet poems is every line in one poem must begin with the same letter. I took up her challenge for two reasons (and I want you to take up this challenge with me). One, I can’t resist trying to impress a pretty girl. Since I’m not pretty enough for you to want to impress, I hope I can sell you on my second reason. I discovered a secret about prompts that has contributed to my new success among literary magazines. Prompts are perfect for making us better writers, transcendent writers. Prompts  can occasion us to move outside of our creative comfort zones and find new ways to express ourselves.

If you’re still with me, join me for a couple days of alphabet poems. Post yours in my comments, and the poet whose work gets the most likes before January 24th wins.

I will serve as the winner’s personal reader for 24 days. Your poems, your fiction, your essays: I’ll read them and give you personalized feedback.

For those who enjoy spectacle, I plan to post my own  favorite alphabet  poems (because I like to show off) and my alphabet catastrophes (because I’m sure you like to laugh).  


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