One thing I’ve noticed about successful people is they have great networks comprised from people who appreciate them. How do we build these networks around our writing careers?

In finding my way to the answer, I’m starting at the ground floor: people appreciate me when I show that I appreciate them. With that in mind, I’m sending Christmas/holiday cards to all the editors who’ve published my work and all the editors who’ve rejected me kindly.

If you’re interested in sending holiday cards to the magazines and publishers you’re building relationships with, it’s easy. I downloaded an  App called Best Greeting Cards HD from the Play Store. So far, this card garnered   the best response:


If you don’t like the App, there’s plenty of images you can download from the internet with which you can make your own cards.




I googled “free holiday cards,” and dozens of options popped up. looked promising, but when I sent a card to myself, the actual card didn’t arrive. They sent a message giving the sender  props for sending the card and enclosed a link that took me to the E-card. Not a fan.

I invite everyone to join me in expanding our respective  writing networks. Please leave a comment if you find great images or you get a great response. And remember to follow any attribution rules for sharing images that have copyrights to ensure our burgeoning networks don’t branch  into courtrooms.


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