FINALLY, Journaling I Like!

Before this week, I never wrote something in a journal that I later used. Rarely have I had time to comb through my subconscious by  reading over my journals, so I gave up on them years ago as a waste of time.

I left my poetry class this week armed with a new kind of  journaling. I began a new journal, and my daily entry is limited to one sentence or one line. I love it, and I want to share the first four days wth you.

December 15
I’ve reached an equilibrium between tomorrow’s dream  and hell, and it’s not contentment.

December 16
A truth that stains my mirror: I spend a lot of time being a good man, but I’d run to hell for a kiss.

December 17
He’d never seen an angel, but everybody knew how to kill one.

December 18
There’s sex, and then there’s Jennifer’s pink nails raking the skin off my thighs.

So far, I’ve taken a lot from this exercise. December 17 provided me with an interesting opening for a story that has been maturing in my mind, and I feel a seed planted by  the entry on the 18th sprouting roots.

I’ll post again when either idea coalesces on paper. Be well and happy holidays.


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