Tongue Paintings is for more than those who want to follow my work (though they certainly come first). I believe writers form a tribe bonded by a common talent that sometimes makes me feel like I’m navigating a barrier between me and people who haven’t lived through the writing process. Conversely, I never feel more integrated with humanity than when I talk to someone whose passion for writing matches mine. If you’ve felt like this — if you’ve ever spent years mastering the genre of, say, romance fiction only to have your spouse or mom say, “You know, I really love spy novels. Why don’t you write spy novels?” — then my site is for you too. I’d like to grow a community at Tongue Paintings comprised from artists and those who love art.

As the site grows, you’ll find tips and resources for writers, shameless plugs for my work, and posts related to artistic process.

Thank you for stopping by. You’re always welcome here.


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